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General information
NAUMANN FILM GmbH places high priority in the privacy of personal data. The following terms of use provide information on the data which we store, including when these are stored and the purpose of their use. This also applies to data which you send us through the Internet or through other conventional means.
Your personal data will only be used by us in accordance with the provisions of the German data privacy law.
This data privacy statement only applies to this website. If you are being linked to external sites, please inform yourself direct through their operators about their respective data privacy policy.

Anonymous data
Anonymous data refers to data that is not directly related to you personally. We analyse anonymous data for example to assess user behaviour, to produce more user friendly offers and to make improvements (e. g. by evaluating visits to individual pages and by preparing statistics and browser information, operating systems, etc. …).
Personal data
Personal data contain information allowing a person to be identified. This in particular regards a person’s name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc...

Recording and using data
When our websites are being visited the hits are recorded for internal and statistical purposes and to optimise our offers and improve the site security. With the exception of the IP address, no personal data are recorded but rather only anonymous data such as the browser type and version, the user’s operating system, the referrer URL (the linked website), the requesting domain, the country of origin, the date and time of day.

In addition, personal data such as name, date of birth, address and phone number, etc. are only recorded if the person visiting the website voluntarily makes entries, i.e. when registering, requesting contact, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. … and makes this information available to us. Insofar as you enter personal data on our website, this information will only be used within the scope of the approval you have given us and also only for the purpose indicated on the respective page. Please note that data sent through the Internet can also be accessed by unauthorised third parties.

Use and dissemination of personal data
If you have provided us with personal data, these will only be used and stored internally. We do not transfer any personal data to third parties.
If you send us an email, we will use your email address only to correspond with you. Here as well your data will not be transmitted to third parties.

Information about cookies
Our website uses cookies only to recognise users for personalising the contents of our offers.
Cookies refer to text files that your browser stores on your hard disk when you visit a website. Data can be deposited with the cookies so that users calling up a website again can be identified, shown personalised content or so that previous settings can be reproduced.
Your browser setting can block the use of cookies at any time. However, this can lead to a substantial loss of information in the presentation of our offers.

Our right to change the guidelines with a prior announcement
These guidelines are being continually improved and adapted to meet the changes in the overall circumstances. NAUMANN FILM GmbH therefore reserves the right to change these guidelines while observing the provisions of the data protection laws. Here we recommend that you consult our data privacy policy on a regular basis.

For more information on the topic data privacy please contact us at the following email address:
More information on the risks associated with the use of the Internet and on how to protect yourself is available on the Internet at